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New study support systemTuition/Scholarships

New study support system

DAICHO is a target school for the new study support system for higher education!

What is the new study support system for higher education?

by household income“Benefit-type Scholarship”“Exemption or reduction of tuition fees”You can receive two types of support.
DAICHO is a target school for this system.You can seize the opportunity to learn without being influenced by your family's financial situation.

Target school

Not all vocational schools are an educational institution“Academic Pursuit” and “Practical Education”is balanced, and"Appropriate Management"Schools that meet high quality standards such as DAICHO is a target school that has cleared all the conditions.

* Only 73% of all vocational schools are allowed. (As of November 2022)

DAICHO for higher education
Reasons for being selected as a target school for the new study support system
  • Why choose us 01
    Faculty with practical experience

    More than 7% of all subjects are taught by practitioners with extensive experience in professional settings.You can learn advanced technology and living knowledge.

  • Why choose us 02
    Appropriate performance management

    Appropriate evaluation of learning outcomes through examinations and reports.

Eligible students

  • condition of household income
    The amount of support is determined based on three levels of criteria according to household income.
  • willingness to learn at school
    be a student
    Don't judge by high school grades alone,Students will be evaluated on their motivation to study through reports, etc.

*Even if you have already graduated from high school, you are eligible if you have been admitted to a university, etc. within two years after graduating from high school, etc., and have not received support measures under this system in the past.

Approximate annual household incomeAmount of support
Division IBelow 271 yen
(Inhabitant tax exempt household)
The maximum amount
Section II272-303 yen3/2 of the maximum amount
Division III304-378 yen3/1 of the maximum amount

*The estimated annual income in the table is for a household of four (the applicant, parents, and junior high school students), but it is only a guideline as the figures differ depending on household composition and other factors.

*Scholarships loaned by the Japan Student Services Organization can also be used in combination (However, the monthly loan amount for Type XNUMX scholarships is limited).

*Those eligible for benefit-type scholarships are eligible for "tuition fee exemption".

A new study support system
Is it a household that can receive it?
JASSO Higher Education Fund Simulator

"Advancement fund simulator, you can roughly check whether you meet the income criteria.

Support amount limit(1nd year)

Student (Total Student commuting from home: 121 million yen(annual amount) Student commuting outside home: 166 million yen(annual amount)
  • Benefit-type scholarship
    (From JASSO)
    home commute
    Out-of-home commuting student

    * Payment will be made after admission.

  • Tuition exemption
    (from vocational school)
    Enrollment feeapprox 16Ten thousand yen + tuition feeapprox 59Ten thousand yen
    → totalapprox 75Ten thousand yen(annual amount)

    * Refunds will be made during the period from enrollment to graduation.

Payment amount

*Class belonging to each department
cost to pay Amount to be paid (no repayment required)
Total tuition fee Total tuition fee Commute from home Out-of-home commuting student
Cooking General Course
(2 years)
3,610,000 Yen
Division IAbout 2,260,000 yen
Section IIAbout 1,490,000 yen
Division IIIAbout 740,000 yen
Division IAbout 3,160,000 yen
Section IIAbout 2,090,000 yen
Division IIIAbout 1,040,000 yen
Confectionery Comprehensive Course
(2 years)
3,483,000 Yen
W license system
(Cooking + confectionery = 2 years)
3,590,000 Yen
Division IAbout 1,200,000 yen
Section IIAbout 800,000 yen
Division IIIAbout 400,000 yen
Division IAbout 1,660,000 yen
Section IIAbout 1,100,000 yen
Division IIIAbout 550,000 yen
cooking department
(1 years)
1,820,000 Yen
Division IAbout 1,200,000 yen
Section IIAbout 800,000 yen
Division IIIAbout 400,000 yen
Division IAbout 1,660,000 yen
Section IIAbout 1,100,000 yen
Division IIIAbout 550,000 yen
Confectionery Hygienist Course
(1 years)
Career Assistance Course
(1 years)
1,000,000 Yen
Division IAbout 860,000 yen
Section IIAbout 580,000 yen
Division IIIAbout 280,000 yen
Division IAbout 1,310,000 yen
Section IIAbout 870,000 yen
Division IIIAbout 430,000 yen

* Expenses other than tuition are required.

Application method and schedule* The latest schedule isJASSO websitePlease verify.

Things I want to do during my senior year of high school
If you are considering using
Start with a simulation
please do
Check the JASSO website to see if you are eligible for the new system.
Around April and May
If you think you might be eligible, you can apply to JASSO online by obtaining relevant documents from your high school, etc., and consulting with your school teacher. (Application for Reservation Adoption)

*It is necessary to submit the My Number of the examinee and his or her guardian.Prepare early.

Around June
JASSO will notify applicants of the screening results through their high school, etc. (Notice of Candidate Determination for Reservation Recruitment)

*In some cases, it is expected to be around the end of January.

Around April and May
Start of support
After entering the school, you will submit a notification of admission to JASSO.
Please go through the procedures for tuition fee and admission fee exemption at the school you are going to enter.

*The first payment for the benefit-type scholarship is in May or June.


JASSO Scholarship Program (benefit type)
JASSO Higher Education Fund Simulator
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Support for higher education