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AO entrance examinationAdmission Guide

AO entrance examination


If we reach the entry capacity early, we may close the application.
Please enter early

internet entry AO Entrance Examination Entry Interview: Reservation

What is AO Entrance Examination?

"AO" in the AO entrance examination stands for "Admission Office".Not limited to traditional academic performance,
It is a test that comprehensively judges individual ability, aptitude, motivation, etc., and determines pass or fail based on "whether or not the person matches the image of the student sought by the school."

DAICHO's Desired Students (Admission Policy)

Our school is looking for people who have the following abilities, or who have a positive attitude to grow towards them.

Attitude to work on learning independently

Those who have a vision of how they want to play an active role in the cooking and confectionery industry

Someone who listens to other people's ideas

Those who have an attitude of trying to improve themselves for the future

4Those who have a positive attitude to continue to take on challenges without getting discouraged even if they fail

Ability to think, judge, express, etc. necessary to solve problems using knowledge and technology

Those who understand the importance of interacting with others in order to achieve goals and grow personally

Those who can look people in the eye, listen to their opinions, and speak their own thoughts

Basic/fundamental knowledge/skills

Those who have learned etiquette such as greetings and honorifics

Those who can follow discipline and manners such as time management

Those who are proactive in cleaning their surroundings

About entry qualifications and acceptance period

Benefits When you register for the Plus Up course,
Understand the food industryAdmission preparation programTheFreeYou can take the course at
Entry qualification

・Those who meet the application requirements of our school

・Those who understand our school's recruitment policy

-After Wednesday, June 2024, 3Our school's open campus, plus-up courses,
Those who participated in one of the individual consultation sessions

*If you find it difficult to participate, please contact our school.

Screening method

・Interview or essay review

*Please choose one at the time of entry.

*International students will have an interview and essay review at the time of entry.

*There is a practical exam only for the Career Assist Department Super Pastry Chef Course.

Required documents (at the time of entry)

・“AO Entrance Examination Entry Sheet” (Admission Guidelines 2025 P28)

Required documents (at the time of application)

・Application form

・Survey report from your school※ 1 Or proof of high school graduation or higher※ 2

・3 photo (3cm x 1cm) (fill in your name on the back and paste one of them on the application form)

・Admission screening fee (20,000 yen)

*1 If it is not possible to submit at the time of application due to high school circumstances, it is possible to submit at a later date.
As soon as the survey report arrives at our school, we will conduct a screening and notify you of the pass/fail results.

*2 A copy of your graduation certificate is also acceptable (if you are still in high school, please submit a school report or a certificate of expected graduation).

Entry acceptance period 1rd July 6st (Sat) - July 1th (Sat)
2nd June 6th (Sun) - June 16th (Sun)
3rd July 7st (Monday) to July 1th (Monday holiday)
4th July 7th (Tuesday) - July 16st (Wednesday)
5st June 8st (Thursday) to June 1th (Thursday)
5th August 8th (Friday) - August 16st (Saturday)
Final period: September 9st (Sunday) to September 1th (Monday)
Application permit result notification date We will notify you by mail within 10 days of the screening date.

* Internet AO entry and online interview are also possible.

* Depending on the status of entries, entries may be closed as soon as the capacity is reached even during the acceptance period.

How to apply for the AO entrance examination

1Participate in our school's open campus, plus-up courses, or individual consultation sessions after Friday, March 2024, 3.

*If you find it difficult to participate, please contact our school.

2AO entrance examination entry
  • Paper (paper) entry

    “Using the form of Admission Guidelines 2025 P28-29”
    You can also download the form from the button below.

    AO entrance examination entry sheet
  • WEB entry

    (XNUMX) Create a web entry/application My Page
    ②Fill in the required information
    ③Attach signature of parent/guardian

    WEB entry

Select either interview or essay review. (For international students, both an interview and an essay review are required.)

① School visit interview

It is a type that directly visits our school and receives an interview.We accept appointments for interviews on our website.

*Reception starts from June 6 *Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays after 1:16

AO Entrance Examination Entry Interview: Reservation
② Online interview

This is a type of interview that takes place online while staying at home.

*Reception starts from June 6 *Please download the "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" app in advance.

③ Essay review

For paper entries: Please fill in the composition on the back of the entry sheet and mail it.
In the case of online entry: Please fill in the essay item and send it when you enter online.

4Issuance of permission to apply for AO entrance examination

After the examination, we will issue an AO entrance examination application permit to those who pass the examination.

*Please note that the acceptance of the AO entrance examination application alone does not guarantee admission.To confirm, you need to follow the steps below:


Please submit it to our school. [Application period] September 2024, 9 (Sunday) - September 1, 2024 (Monday)

*For entries during the final period, the deadline is October 2024, 10 (Friday).

*If you do not complete the application procedures within the period, your eligibility to apply for the AO entrance examination may become invalid.please note.

  • Paper (paper) entry

    “Using the form of Admission Guidelines 2025 P34-35”
    You can also download the form from the button below.

    Application form download
  • WEB entry

    (XNUMX) Create a web entry/application My Page
    ② You can apply from the application button
    ③ Easy payment on the web

    * If you have created a My Page at the time of entry, log in as it is.

    WEB entry
6Issuance of pass/fail notification

After receiving the application documents, we will screen the documents and notify you by post on the specified result notification date.

7Admission procedure

Please submit the documents and pay the admission fee within 10 days from the date of issuance of the letter of acceptance.


Upon payment of the admission fee and confirmation of the submitted documents, we will officially approve your admission as a student of our school.


Where to submit the application

Please enclose the set of application documents in the attached envelope designated by our school and mail or bring it to the address below.

595-0021-3 Higashi-Toyonakacho, Izumiotsu City, Osaka Prefecture 1-15
Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College Admission Application Receptionist

*Please use the transfer request form specified by our school to pay the entrance examination fee.
Affix the receipt ③ <for submission to school> with the reception date stamp to the back of the application form.

*Please pay the entrance examination fee in cash if you bring it in person.Reception hours: 9:00-19:00 (excluding school holidays).

*Please note that submitted application documents and entrance examination fees will not be refunded.