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Tuition and scholarshipsTuition/Scholarships

Including tuition and scholarship system,
Life support!
We will make your wishes come true.

Course Fees


Plus-up course

Vocational education can be started before admission.
All registrants will receive a 100 million yen stipend.
be eligible for benefits.

DAICHO original tuition support

For everyone to learn with more peace of mind
We provide tuition support.
The actual cost before admission is only 47 yen

Jax Tuition Loan

Special plan only for Murakawa Gakuen!
Enrollment reserves are paid by prospective students
Apply now!

country education loan

A parent or guardian who is enrolled in or enrolled in our school,
household annual income (income)
Those within 790 million yen (600 million yen)

Murakawa Gakuen Affiliated Education Loan

Jax, Cedyna, Orico
Education loan

Japan Student Services Organization
Scholarship system

Type XNUMX scholarship (interest-free)
Type XNUMX scholarship (interest bearing)
This is a scholarship program that requires repayment.

New study support system

“Benefit-type scholarship” depending on household income
"Exemption or reduction of tuition fee"
There are two types of assistance available.
You can learn regardless of your family's financial circumstances
You can take a chance.

Incorporated association, foundation, company, country

For students who find it difficult to study due to financial reasons
It is a system that lends scholarships to

For working people

Incumbents and unemployed people who meet certain conditions,
Education and training courses designated by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
If you complete the course, part of the tuition and other fees will be
It is a system provided by the state.

For international students

Do your best after entering (while enrolled) limited to international students
This is a scholarship system unique to our school that evaluates students.