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Employment supportEMPLOYMENT SUPPORT

Find your own color with DAICHO's employment support!

Yearly Schedule

There are many opportunities to meet companies on campus.

support system

When students are looking for a job,
"Class homeroom teacher" and "employment manager" work together to provide support.
In addition, build a first-class career,
Instructors who know everything about the field support employment.

Joint company information session

I'm a DAICHO student, so I want to hire you!
Over 100 companies visited DAICHO.

Independent company information session

Some companies only come to DAICHO!
Get to know a company more deeply.

career map

Anytime, anywhere company information and briefing information
24-hour viewing system
Introduced Career Map.

scout system

Unlike job fairs where you just listen in a crowd,
Have companies remember your name and face
This is a system where you can receive offers from companies.


Once you have decided on the industry or genre you want to work in
Through school to corporate internship
You can participate.

Lifetime support

Employment consultation and special lecturer attendance even after graduation
come back to school anytime
You can get help.

Opening support

“I want to open my own shop in the future in the industry.”
We provide support for opening independent businesses.

Prospective candidate bulletin

Acquired many skills and knowledge at DAICHO,
The seniors who had a wonderful dream.
We reported on the activities and voices of these graduates.

university transfer

It is possible to transfer to Hagoromo International University after graduating from our school.
After obtaining national qualifications for cooks and confectionery hygienists,
Acquiring the qualification of “nutritionist/administrative dietitian”
Aimable in the short term.

Alumni information

For hotels, bridal industry and famous patisseries
Interview with a senior who decided on a job offer!
How to get a job and useful
I asked DAICHO what he learned.

就職 実 績

This is a list of employment records.