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Japan Student Services Organization
Scholarship systemTuition/Scholarships

Scholarship system of Japan Student Services Organization

Lending starts after admission

Scholarship Features

The scholarship will be transferred to the student's own bank account every month from April after admission.

You can pay your tuition using the scholarship that is transferred to your bank account every month.

Interest rates are set low.

*Some loans are interest-free or do not require repayment.

*Payments will be made from May for those who have been hired by reservation, and from June for those who are currently enrolled.

Scholarship type

Repayment required No repayment required
Type XNUMX scholarship (interest-free) Type XNUMX scholarship (interest bearing) Benefit-type scholarship
Reservation application before admission Application after admission Reservation application before admission Application after admission Application before and after admission
Academic ability standards Academic grade average of 1 or higher from the first year of high school to the time of application Average academic performance in the last two years of high school is 2 or higher Academic performance in high school is above average Academic performance in the final two years of high school must be at least the average level of the school you graduated from. For an estimate of whether you are eligible for a benefit-type scholarship, please refer to "Estimated Annual Household Income and Support Amount Eligible for Benefit-type Scholarships."
Household Supporter Income Limit
(Example: 4 person household)

Salary earner
747 10,000 yen

Other than salary income
349 10,000 yen

Salary earner
781 10,000 yen

Other than salary income
373 10,000 yen

*When commuting from home

Salary earner
1,100 10,000 yen

Other than salary income
692 10,000 yen

Salary earner
1,123 10,000 yen

Other than salary income
715 10,000 yen

*When commuting from home

Monthly amount<br>

Going to school at home
2 yen, 3 yen, 4 yen, 5 yen
(Select desired monthly amount)

Out-of-home commute
2 yen, 3 yen, 4 yen, 5 yen, 6 yen
(Select desired monthly amount)

2 yen to 12 yen (select desired monthly amount)

*Can be set in increments of 1 yen

Going to school at home
12,800 yen ~
38,300 Yen

Out-of-home commute
25,300 yen ~
75,800 Yen

Repayment period About 6 years from 10 months after the end of the loan no repayment

* In addition to the above, there is also a “special increase loan at the time of admission” (10 yen to 50 yen).

How to apply

Reservation application Application after admission

Those who plan to graduate from high school or specialized training college (higher course) at the end of March 2025

Those who have graduated from a high school or a vocational school (higher course) within 2 years and have never entered a university, junior college, or vocational school

Those who have passed the High School Graduation Certificate Examination or the University Entrance Qualification Examination (excluding those who have been admitted to a university, etc.), or those who have passed the subject and fall under the criteria set by the Organization, or applicants (please follow the examination procedure) finished)
For reservations, please contact the high school you are currently attending.

New Arrivals  
Current student

*However, after the application is submitted, there will be an examination and selection by the Japan Student Services Organization.

April to July of the third year of high school April after entering our school

Scholarship repayment example

Type 24 Scholarship (interest-free) [For XNUMX months loan period]
Monthly division School form Monthly loan amount Total return Monthly repayment amount Number of returns (years)
Monthly amount other than maximum monthly amount Commuting to school at home/outside home 40,000 Yen 960,000 Yen 8,000 Yen 120 times (10)
Out-of-home commute 50,000 Yen 1,200,000 Yen 8,333 Yen 144 times (12)
Maximum monthly fee Going to school at home 53,000 Yen 1,272,000 Yen 8,833 Yen 144 times (12)
Out-of-home commute 60,000 Yen 1,440,000 Yen 9,230 Yen 156 times (13)
Type 24 Scholarship (Interest-bearing) [For XNUMX-month loans]
Monthly division Total loan amount Annual interest
(As of 2022 year 11 month)
Total return Monthly repayment amount Number of returns (years)
20,000 Yen 480,000 Yen 0.7% 486,521 Yen 4,504 Yen 108 times (9)
30,000 Yen 720,000 Yen 729,755 Yen 6,756 Yen 108 times (9)
40,000 Yen 960,000 Yen 974,338 Yen 8,119 Yen 120 times (10)
50,000 Yen 1,200,000 Yen 1,221,198 Yen 8,480 Yen 144 times (12)
60,000 Yen 1,440,000 Yen 1,467,412 Yen 9,406 Yen 156 times (13)
70,000 Yen 1,680,000 Yen 1,714,282 Yen 10,204 Yen 168 times (14)
80,000 Yen 1,920,000 Yen 1,956,575 Yen 12,542 Yen 156 times (13)
90,000 Yen 2,160,000 Yen 2,204,100 Yen 13,120 Yen 168 times (14)
100,000 Yen 2,400,000 Yen 2,452,285 Yen 13,623 Yen 180 times (15)
110,000 Yen 2,640,000 Yen 2,697,525 Yen 14,986 Yen 180 times (15)
120,000 Yen 2,880,000 Yen 2,946,695 Yen 15,347 Yen 192 times (16)

For further information, please read

Japan Student Services Organization website