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Plus-up courseTuition/Scholarships

Plus-up course

Preempting some of the vocational school classes
Start vocational education earlier than anyone else! !

What is Plus Up Course?

Promote a smooth transition from high school education to vocational school educationAiming to develop excellent human resourcesIt was installed as
Acquire basic technology and industry knowledge before entering a vocational school
Anyone interested in the food industry can apply regardless of whether or not they apply to our school.

Overview Plus-up course

Total 2024 times from April 4 to September 2024
Unlike the open campus, you can deepen your knowledge of the industry and the profession of chefs and pastry chefs. (Participation free)

industry research
Special workshops by star chefs and star patissiers in the industry and tours of hotels and bridal sites will be held.Understand the cooking industry and confectionery industry well before entering the school and have a clear image of the future.
Basic technology
You will learn the basic skills of cutting and shibori, which you will learn after entering the school, in the repeated practice that DAICHO cherishes.
Basic knowledge
mastery of
In addition to practical training, there are classes to acquire important theoretical knowledge.You will experience classroom lectures such as food science to learn in-depth knowledge of ingredients, and theory to understand the "why" of cooking and sweets.
Application benefits
Plus up scholarship studentwhen selected asmaximum100 million yen OfIncentives
Scholarship student examForTechnical guidanceThecan receive
Transportation cost OfpartTheprovision
Application period February 2024, 2 (Thursday) ~ September 1, 2024 (Monday)

*Registration will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached even during the application period.

How to book? Register for a plus-up course
Application capacity 300 people

* Total for Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College and Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College ecole UMEDA

Target subject/class All departments/classes
Qualifications for application

・ Those who are interested in the food industry(Anyone can apply regardless of whether or not they want to apply to our school.)

・Persons eligible for admission in April 2024 (international students, university students, junior college students, freeters, and working adults are also eligible)

Benefit amount for Plus Up scholarship students

S scholarship studentA scholarship studentB scholarship studentC scholarship student
100 million yen
50 million yen
30 million yen
10 million yen

*No refund is required. (excludes dropouts)

*Scholarships will be paid at the time of graduation.

*If it is determined that your activities during your time at the university are unsuitable as a scholarship student, your qualification as a scholarship student may be revoked.

Types of Plus Up scholarship students

System name qualified system Challenge system
Amount of money 100 million yen 50 thousand yen 30 thousand yen 10 thousand yen
Number of people (within) Just a few
Target AO Entrance Examination Candidates
Application conditions

① Plus-up course registrants

② AO entrance examination applicants

③ Food-related qualification holders※ 1

① Plus-up course registrants

② AO entrance examination applicants

Application period April 2024th - May 6th, 1 April 2024th - May 10th, 1
1 times Document review in November 2024 November 2024 Technical test + interview
2 times January 2025 interview
Presentation July 2025

*1 Cook, confectionery hygienist, dietician, food cooking test, etc. Refers to general qualification examinations administered by companies and school corporations related to cooking, confectionery, and food.Please contact us for more information.

About the Plus Up Scholarship Challenge selection exam

Implementation period (planned)

First exam: November 1

Final exam: January 2025

contents of the test

1st test
Both ① and ② will be carried out.
① Interview test (group interview)
②Technical test *Select confectionery or cooking
Cooking: Cut vegetables
Confectionery: cream squeeze

final exam
Interview test (individual interview)

Result announcementXNUM X year X NUM X schedule

What is the Plus Up Course?

This is a course to understand the food industry while enjoying it, which is unique to our school.
I go there to get to know the world of food more deeply before I enter school, and to imagine my future image for employment.
You can experience the deep world of food that you can't usually taste.

  • 4/21

    French x Management

    I want to open my own shop!
    An active French chef will teach you how to manage a store!

  • 4/21

    Management ×

    From tempering to wrapping, learn from a full-time confectionery instructor and take your chocolate techniques and knowledge to the next level!

  • 5/18 (Sat)

    Global x Sushi

    Learn about Japanese sushi that is popular all over the world! From Japanese sushi to the world's "SUSHI".
    “Parents are welcome!”

  • 5/18 (Sat)

    hotel bridal class

    Top popular among current students! Take a look into the world of hotel bridal, your dream job!
    The power of food to create the happiest day in the world

  • 6/16

    Children's sweets×

    Delicious and safe!
    Let's make people smile with food that you can eat without worrying about allergies!

  • 6/16

    Children's sweets×
    Boulanger class

    Let's make one-of-a-kind original bread in the world according to the theme with the teacher and Santier!

  • 7/20 (Sat)

    SNS x Japanese cuisine

    Hold sushi and shoot stylish videos!
    We'll also teach you the tricks to making the most viral videos!

  • 7/20 (Sat)

    Piesmonte class

    Delicately crafted sweets made directly by a full-time confectionery instructor
    Upload it to SNS and get likes!

  • 8/18

    Sports nutrition x Chinese food

    Learn from a full-time Chinese cooking instructor!
    A recipe for improving sports performance!

  • 8/18

    Sports nutrition x cafe

    Experience sports nutrition!
    Let's create a delicious and healthy cafe menu for athletes!

  • 9/29

    Trial admission x technical guidance

    You can also receive technical guidance for the special student exam!