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Don't make job hunting a "student alone".
Back-up system that school always enters

When students are looking for a job, the "class teacher" and "employment manager" work together to support them.In addition, the school will enter between the company and provide support.

Instructors who have accumulated a first-class career and know the field thoroughly support employment

  • Chef experience

    Yoshinari Asano

    Experienced in all kinds of Japanese cuisine, such as restaurants, Japanese cuisine, and high-end sushi restaurants.He is the head chef at Novotel Koshien (now Hotel Hewitt Koshien).

  • Patisserie management experience

    Kaoru Yoshimoto

    After working at Hilton Osaka, which operates 575 hotels around the world, he runs his own luxury patisserie cafe.He teaches the secrets of popular restaurants that have received media attention.

  • manager and chef experience

    Takashi Mori

    Selected as assistant chef at ANA Gate Tower Hotel.After that, at the young age of 37, he became the manager and head chef of the Nara Royal Hotel.

  • Public interest group corporation corporation
    Japan Chef Federation

    𦚰Yama Fumiyoshi

    Worked as head chef at Daikinro, a famous Japanese restaurant that has been in business for 160 years since its founding in Edo.He has the title of "Naniwa's master craftsman", which can be obtained by those who have extremely excellent skills.

  • Executive chef experience

    Takashi Ebisu

    Served as head chef for banquets at Sheraton Miyako Hotel and Swissôtel Nankai Osaka.Executive chef at Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport.

  • Pastry manager experience

    Mitsuo Nishiyama

    Served as manager of confectionery at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.He also has a wealth of confectionery skills, such as winning the first award for excellence in the marzipan category at the Japan Cake Show, a nationwide confectionery exhibition.