Osaka Cooking Confectionery CollegeOsaka Cooking Confectionery College

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Cooking and confectionery classW license system(Cooking Course + Confectionery Hygiene Course 2 years)COOKING & CONFECTIONERY CLASS

Learn cooking and confectionery in a balanced manner
Acquire a national qualification with W

A class where you can learn basic cooking and confectionery.
From traditional cooking and confectionery to innovative menus,
You'll learn a lot in 2 years.
Cooking and confectionery such as hotels, restaurants and patisseries
I aim to become a chef who expands the range of activities beyond the walls.

A wide range of employment opportunities and diverse activities are possible

Aim to acquire two qualifications!
You can fully learn cooking and confectionery!

In cooking, you will learn Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, and in confectionery, you will learn Japanese confectionery, Western confectionery, and bread making, and acquire basic knowledge and skills.
In addition, at DAICHO, which has a large amount of hands-on training, "major training" is added from the second semester for both cooking and confectionery.Opportunities are also available to learn the genre you want to aim for in depth.

Main places of employment

Hilton Osaka/The Ritz-Carlton Osaka/RIHGA Royal Hotel/Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka
【Western cuisine】
Hiramatsu Co., Ltd. / Restaurant Lumiere / Restaurant Valier / Restaurant Chansonnier
【Japanese food】
Kappoya Yuzu/Totan Goshoboh/Japanese restaurant Kiichi/Japanese restaurant Midori/Nadaman/Japanese restaurant Furusato
[Chinese food]
Ginza Aster Foods Co., Ltd./Chinese Cuisine Sichuan/Totenkaku/Totenkou/Relife Co., Ltd.
Toshi Yoroizuka/Club Harie Co., Ltd./Kyoto Rakukansha/Kilfébon/Chat Noir
Fons Co., Ltd., Sunny Side, Le Croissant, ROUTE271/Le Patissier Yamada, and many others