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Confectionery Comprehensive CoursePatissier &
chocolatier class(Confectionery 2 year course)PÂTISSIER & CHOCOLATIER CLASS

Chocolate as a chocolatier
Human resources that can produce

Comprehensive study of Western confectionery, bread making, and Japanese confectionery in the first year
Acquire basic basic technology,
Acquire the knowledge necessary to acquire a confectionery hygienist.
It is possible to obtain a national qualification during the second year of school.
In addition, in the second year, we will focus on the rapidly growing chocolate market.
Started specialized classes.
Using a special chocolate lab,
From the knowledge of cacao beans, you will acquire advanced craftsmanship techniques.

Features of Patissier & Chocolatier Class

2 hours of abundant practical training in two years!

Timetable example (2nd year)
1st period(8:50~
10: 20)
2st period(10:30~
12: 00)
3st period(13:00~
14: 30)
management height
material science Design
4st period(14:40~
16: 10)
After School Activities
18: 00)
Voluntary practice Voluntary practice

*Curriculum is subject to change.

After learning all about confectionery
Divide into specialized classes.

First-class patissiers and chocolatiers have a wide range of knowledge and experience, from ingredients to cooking methods.
By choosing a specialty genre after learning all about confectionery in the first year, you can acquire further depth and a large repertoire by your own skills and knowledge.

  • 1 technology

    Learn a wide range of recipes from traditional cakes to the latest cakes.Aiming to become a creative patissier by learning techniques and ingredients that change with the times.

  • 2 sensitivity

    By mastering the techniques of decoration, serving plates, and craftsmanship, you can express sweets that appeal to people with their appearance.

  • 3 practice

    A popular patisserie owner and a confectionery manager from a famous hotel visit the school for classes.You can learn about popular products at shops and hotels directly from star pastry chefs.

  • 1 technology

    You will master the technique of tempering (chocolate temperature control), which is the basis of handling chocolate, and acquire the technique of making chocolate sweets from around the world.

  • 2 Knowledge

    Understand the aroma and taste of cocoa beans, the raw material of chocolate.By knowing the history and origin of chocolate, we aim to become a deeper chocolatier.

  • 3 art

    Learn the chocolate-making technique called Piesmonte.You will learn not only how to handle chocolate, but also the overall balance, design, how to make it glossy, and advanced techniques.

  • [Example of training menu]
    ・Tempering ・Foret Noir 
    ・Chocolate work ・Relais chocolate 
    ・Bonbon chocolate ・Chocolate shortcake 
    ・Brownie ・Murang Shanti 
    ・Gateau chocolate ・Schwarzwalder torte 
    ・Classic chocolate ・Vanilla Kipfel 
    ・Fondant chocolate ・Tart chocolate 
    ・ Opera ・ Glasage chocolate 
    ・Sachertorte ・Fondant chocolate 
    ・Buche de Noel ・Gateau Majoraine 
    ・Cake au chocolat

  • seminar
    global seminar
    Nutrition Innovation Seminar
    Management seminar
    select one from
  • Design

    There are also classes where you can learn the know-how necessary for patisserie management such as design and wrapping

mastering chocolate

Understand the knowledge and value of "Bean to Bar" and learn various variations of chocolate.Understand the quality, aroma, and taste of cacao beans, and learn the techniques to make the best chocolate.Acquire the skills to produce chocolate from raw materials.

Sales experience at a major department store

You can experience sales at Daimaru Department Store, which is the largest station in western Japan. You can gain practical experience from producing to selling cakes and chocolates that are “delivered to customers”.

Lab dedicated to chocolate

Learn and practice how to handle and make chocolate at the "Chocolat Lab" equipped with the latest equipment. Learn all the skills to become a chocolatier in the future, such as XNUMXD printers.