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Career Assistance Course(1 years)CAREER ASSISTANCE CLASS

In a culinary graduate school, so to speak.

In the world of food, new recipes and ingredients are created every year, and the form of cooking itself continues to evolve.
From now on, just being able to make delicious food will no longer be enough.

Everyone who is active in the food world needs the creative power to create new things.
In other words, just having a qualification does not give you peace of mind.

In order to further evolve and develop the current foundational strength as a chef,
Pursue food in only one genre, deepen your skills,
I aim to become a chef who will continue to be active even 10 or 20 years from now.

Yes, in the future, society will no longer be asking "where we came from," but rather, "what we can do."

The only department in Japan that requires you to have already acquired a chef or confectionery hygienist qualification (examination qualification)

  • Super Japanese Cuisine Course

    I aim to become a Japanese chef who can raise the value of Japanese food culture with my own hands by acquiring high skills and deep insight that can convey new washoku to the world while preserving traditional taste.

    ●Japanese cooking training●Sushi training●Menu planning training●Restaurant management●Top chef training●Food research
  • Super western cooking course

    Instead of learning recipes, learn "cooking" itself.We aim to become a chef who understands the theory of deliciousness, refines the ability to freely express tastes and aesthetic sense, and creates Western cuisine that attracts many people.

    ●French cooking training●Italian cooking training●Menu planning training●Restaurant management●Top chef training●Food research
  • Super pastry chef course

    A one-year program to further deepen your basic, applied, and practical skills as a pastry chef. Learn about sweets from all over Europe, with a focus on French sweets.

    ●Western confectionery training●Chocolatier training●Bread making training●Patisserie management●Product idea●Food research
Learn while working at a top-notch site.
Long-term paid internship with a total of 320 hours

From the perspective of schools and companies working together to develop professionals, students will experience two types of on-site internships for 160 hours each at prestigious stores, hotels, and companies that everyone admires.
You can feel at ease during the training, as the full-time teacher who will be in charge of the training exchanges information with the company that will accept the student and gives advice to the student. Furthermore, since the program is paid, you can earn money while studying, which can be used to pay for tuition fees.

A total income of approximately 24 yen was obtained,
It can be used for tuition fees.

Example) 40 days in total per year 1,000 yen x 6 hours/day

A one-year short-term intensive program with only cooking training

As this course is aimed at those with a chef's license, classroom lectures on the prescribed subjects for chef training will not be held.
Instead, approximately 90% of the entire curriculum is devoted to practical training, which thoroughly improves skills.
You can use your free time to do job hunting and self-training.

Career Assist Course Timetable Example[1 year]
1st period(8:50~
Practice   corporate research   Practice
2st period(10:30~
3st period(13:00~
  Practice   Practice  
4st period(14:40~
Typical chef training facility Timetable example[1 year]
1st period(9:10~
food safety and
Practice dietary habits and
food and
Home room
2st period(10:50~
cooking theory and
Introduction to food culture
food and
Eating habits
and health
3st period(13:10~
food safety and
cooking theory and
Introduction to food culture
Practice Practice  
4st period(14:50~
cooking theory and
Introduction to food culture
food safety and

If the designated training facility regulations (390 hours of practical training) are the annual training amount *30 weeks of class operation per year

Reduce your burden with low tuition fees

Of course, it is also admirable to graduate from high school and get a job straight away.
However, in order to study at a vocational school for an extra year and aim to become a chef with absolute confidence and a wide perspective, the tuition fee has been set to minimize the financial burden.

If you are commuting from outside your home under the first category of grant-type scholarships
Total income: Approximately 156 million yen

Grant-type scholarship approximately 132 million yen
What you can get from a paid internship
Income approximately 24 yen

Total delivery amount: Approximately 118 million yen

Tuition fee 100 million yen + miscellaneous expenses approximately 18 yen

Close up!

Tuition fee is 100 million yen per year
Can be combined with scholarships
You can attend school without worrying about financial worries