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Career Assist Course ClassSuper Japanese Cuisine CourseSuper western cooking course(Cooking 1 year course)CAREER ASSISTANCE CLASS

In other words, studying at a culinary graduate school

In the world of food, new recipes and ingredients are created every year,
The form of food itself will continue to evolve.
From now on, just by “making delicious food”,
The time will come when it won't work.
Everyone who is active in the world of food,
create something new
We need the power of creativity.
In other words, just "being qualified"
that you can't feel safe.
The power of the foundation as a chef that exists now,
In order to further evolve and develop
Pursuing squeezed food in only one genre,
deepen your skills,
Continue to play an active role 10 or 20 years from now
I aspire to be a chef.
Yes, the society of the future is not about "where did you come from?"
“What can we do?” is being asked sharply.