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Confectionery Hygienist CourseConfectionery hygienist class(Confectionery 1 year course)CONFECTIONERY CLASS

I want to learn basic and applied confectionery techniques efficiently in a short period of time.

Confectionery training776Time

[Available qualifications]

[At the time of graduation]
[National qualification] Qualification for confectionery hygienist exam [National qualification] Qualification for exam for confectionery manufacturing technician level 2 [National qualification] Qualification for exam for bread manufacturing technician level 2

[Aim for]
Dietary education instructor/vegetable sommelier/athlete food meister


Basic practice
  • 1 person 1 product training

    A training course in which you complete all steps by yourself, from measuring to decorating. You can see the progress of your technology.

  • routine training

    We will practice basic skills such as squeezing cream, peeling oranges, and chocolate pens.

  • Check test

    Each worker checks to see if they can make basic products such as sponge dough and cream puffs.

Major training

Choose one from 3 genres to hone your expertise.
Classes will be held by inviting hotel and patisserie chefs.

  • Patissier Major

    Make complex cakes that combine multiple ingredients such as mousse, puff pastry, and chocolate.

  • Boulanger Major

    We make bread that is loved all over the world, including Germany, France, America, Denmark, and Japan.

  • cafe major

    Learn about a wide range of drink menus and cafe-style arrangements for dishes and sweets.

Professional practice

Learn the skills to produce and cook in the same environment as professionals, and eliminate the gap between you and the workplace.

  • shop training

    Operates a real patisserie on campus. Approximately 30 types of products are manufactured in units of 100. Learn time management and teamwork through mass manufacturing.

  • Internship

    Work experience at your dream hotel or patisserie/restaurant. Through this 10-day experience, you will have a clearer picture of your future self.

Timetable Example
\ Daily training /
1st period(8:50~
Food science Practice Practice confectionery theory Practice
2st period(10:30~
3st period(13:00~
Practice confectionery theory Food
Practice Food
4st period(14:40~
After School Activities
Voluntary practice Voluntary practice

*Curriculum is subject to change.