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Incorporated Association/Incorporated Foundation/
Corporate/National ScholarshipsTuition/Scholarships

Incorporated associations, foundations, companies, national scholarships

For students who find it difficult to study due to financial reasons
I will introduce some of the systems that lend scholarships to students.
Income conditions, loan amount, etc. will be entered
It depends on the school classification.
For details, please contact each institution.

Living welfare fund loan system(no interest)

A system that allows low-income households, disabled households, and elderly households to receive loans according to the situation and needs of each household.

Contact Prefectural Council of Social Welfare Contact List

Mother and child, father and son, widow welfare fund loan(no interest)

This system allows parents and widows of single-parent households to receive interest-free loans from local governments to fund their children's education.


Newspaper scholarship system(no interest)

A system in which a newspaper company provides scholarships that do not need to be repaid in exchange for work such as delivery at a newspaper sales office.

Scholarship amount Tuition: Interest-free borrowing available
Salary: Monthly payment

* Full repayment exemption if you work until graduation

Contact Each newspaper company

Ashinaga Scholarship(no interest)

An interest-free scholarship program for children whose parents have passed away or are unable to work due to residual disabilities.

Scholarship amount 7 yen per month (of which 4 yen is loaned and 3 yen is paid)

*For specialized training colleges

Contact Ashinaga Scholarship Society