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Overseas training scholarship

Overseas training scholarship

All applicants can participate in overseas training [full payment <no repayment required>]

At DAICHO, we have a system that fully supports the cost of "overseas training" that is carried out while you are in school so that you can have a broad perspective and enrich your studies.

Benefit amount Full overseas training expenses (including travel expenses)
*Overseas travel insurance is at your own expense. (About 5,000 to 8,000 yen)
Visa Requirements Those who wish to participate in overseas training
Target All students enrolled in the following departments and courses
●Cooking Comprehensive Course (2 years) ●Confectionery Comprehensive Course (2 years) ●Classes belonging to the double license system (Cooking + Confectionery = 2 years)
Travel record France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Italy

* Depending on the world situation, it may not be implemented.