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Flow of each entrance examination and admissionAdmission Guide

Flow of each entrance examination and admission

Admission Process

Participation in open campus (experience-based entrance)

If you participate in the open campus, you will be able to learn more about the atmosphere of the school and the contents of the classes that you cannot understand from the pamphlet alone.
In the hands-on training, you can learn professional skills from a first-class chef and pastry chef!
Make, eat, enjoy, and experience the whole DAICHO! (Held monthly, free to attend, reservation required)

*About the open campus scheduleplease use this form..

Apply for Plus Up course 
From Thursday, May 2024, 2
[Chance to receive up to 100 million yen in incentives! ]

From April 2024 to September 4, the "Plus Up Course" will be held once a month (total of 2024 sessions), allowing you to thoroughly learn about not only cooking and confectionery but also the food industry before enrolling.
<Eligible departments> All departments and classes
<Entry period> February 2024, 2 (Thursday) - September 1, 2024 (Monday)

※For more informationplease use this form..

AO entrance exam entry Saturday, June 2024, 6 ~

In order to qualify for entry into the AO entrance exam, you must participate in one of our school's open campus, plus-up courses, or individual consultation sessions after March 2024, 3 (Friday).If you find it difficult to participate, please contact the school.
<Entry period> June 2024, 6 (Saturday) to September 1, 2024 (Monday) *Postmarked on the day is valid
<Selection method> Interview or essay screening

*Please choose one at the time of entry.

*International students will have an interview and essay review at the time of entry.

※For more informationplease use this form..

AO entrance examination application from Sunday, September 2024, 9

<Application period> September 2024, 9 (Sunday) - September 1, 2024 (Monday) *Postmarked on that day is valid

*For entries during the final period, the deadline is October 2024, 10 (Friday).

*If you do not complete the application procedures within the period, your eligibility to apply for the AO entrance examination may become invalid.please note.
For further information, please read please use this form..


A preschool (pre-enrollment study) will be held for prospective students.

*Schedule will be announced at a later date.

General entrance examination, recommendation entrance examination, recommendation entrance examination application From October 2024, 10 (Tuesday)

<Application acceptance period>
General entrance examination/recommendation entrance examination

[Second recruitment]
October 2024, 10 (Tuesday) - October 1, 2024 (Monday) *Must arrive
[Second recruitment]
October 2024, 10 (Tuesday) - October 8, 2024 (Monday holiday)
[Second recruitment]
April 2024, 10 (Tuesday) -April 15, 2024 (Monday)
[Second recruitment]
July 2024, 10 (Tuesday) to July 22, 2024 (Thursday)
[Second recruitment]
December 2024, 11 (Friday) -January 1, 2025 (Monday)

Designated school recommended entrance examination

October 2024, 10 (Tuesday) -November 1, 2024 (Monday)

International student entrance examination

April 2024, 9 (Sun) - May 1, 2025 (Mon)

<Announcement of results>

Within 2 weeks after the selection process

*Results will be sent by post (no notification by email or phone).

*If you do not hear from us within 3 weeks after the screening, please contact the Admissions General Information.

<Admission procedure>

Successful applicants must complete the admission procedure by the specified date.

・Submit the documents required by our school such as the admission letter (required documents are enclosed with the acceptance letter)

・Payment of admission fee (within 10 days from the date of issuance of acceptance letter)

・Payment of school fees

・Submission of bank transfer request form

<Enrollment Permit>

Upon payment of the admission fee and confirmation of the submitted documents, a letter of admission will be issued.

Around November: Payment of tuition fees *(AO entrance examination users only)
Around December: Payment of expenses

Miscellaneous expenses include textbooks, training uniforms, recipe books, kitchen knife sets, extracurricular activity expenses, etc.
At our school, as a general rule, we do not require any items to be purchased after enrollment (excluding voluntary purchases).

※For more informationplease use this form..

entrance ceremony information

Information about the entrance ceremony to be held in April will be sent by the beginning of March.