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(Cooking 1 year course)COOKING CLASS

I want to learn the basics and applied techniques of cooking efficiently in a short period of time.

Cooking training760Time

[Available qualifications]

[At the time of graduation]
[National Qualification] Chef's License [National Qualification] Professional Chef's License/Cooking Technician

[Aim for]
Fugu Processing Registrant/Food Education Instructor/Vegetable Sommelier/Athlete Food Meister

*Requires 6 years of work experience after graduation. If you pass the technical examination while enrolled in school, you will be exempted from the written examination.


Basic practice
  • 1 person 1 product training

    A training course in which you complete all steps by yourself, from measuring to cooking to serving. You can see the progress of your technology.

  • routine training

    Students will repeatedly practice basic skills for first-year field work, focusing on cutting vegetables.

  • Check test

    We check that each child can make basic egg dishes such as cutting vegetables, making omelets, and making dashi rolls.

Major training

Choose one from 3 genres to hone your expertise.
Classes will be held by inviting hotel and restaurant chefs.

  • Japanese cuisine major

    Using seasonal ingredients that are unique to Japanese cuisine, you will learn a wide range of cuisine including kaiseki, kappo, and creative cuisine.

  • Western cuisine major

    Learn and put into practice knowledge of Western ingredients, how to make dashi, and the structure of course meals.

  • Chinese cuisine major

    Through Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Cantonese cuisine, you will learn how to handle fire, add flavor, and use Chinese knives.

Professional practice

Learn the skills to produce and cook in the same environment as professionals, and eliminate the gap between you and the workplace.

  • banquet

    The most popular class among students. We take turns cooking lunch for all students. Learn how to cook in bulk, which is essential for hotels and restaurants.

  • Tokinokura's Restaurant

    Practical training for all restaurant processes. You will be responsible for everything from menu planning, preparation the day before, cooking and service on the day of the event, and will gain immediate skills.

Timetable Example
\ Daily training /
1st period(8:50~
Of the world
food communication
Practice Practice cooking theory Practice
2st period(10:30~
3st period(13:00~
Practice Healthy food
life research
Safety theory
Major training Food
4st period(14:40~
After School Activities
Voluntary practice Voluntary practice

*Curriculum is subject to change.