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For international studentsVISITOR INDEX

For international students

The number of international students studying at DAICHO is increasing every year.Many students enrolled in each department this year!
Japan's high technology is of course, but there is a reason to choose DACHO among them.
This is because we have one of the top levels of practical training in Japan, appropriate tuition fees, a generous support system for international students, and an environment where you can study with peace of mind!
International students, why not make your dreams come true at DAICHO?

The number of students studying abroad is increasing.This year too, many students are disappointed!
It goes without saying that there is a lot of money in Japan, but there are some things that you can choose from among them.
That's because there is a safe and secure environment to learn from the warm support of the General Top Class.
Dear students, why don't you make your dreams come true?

Osaka Culinary and Confectionery College
Continuing from last year
From Osaka Immigration Bureau
It has been certified as an "appropriate school".

Every year, appropriate schools (educational institutions that are recognized to be managing the enrollment of international students in an appropriate manner) are selected from among the educational institutions that accept international students.
In the case of ``relevant schools,'' international students have an environment where they can concentrate on their studies, such as by omitting some of the documents they need to submit when applying for a residence permit.Please enroll with confidence.

Mainen, from within the current system that accepts the Ryugakusei (the current system that is perceived to be doing the same as the current system of the Ryugakusei), a new system is created.
In the case of ``Teaching School'', there are some events that can be carried out in the school, such as when all the members of the school perform the ceremony and the first person in the school is given a gift.Please rest assured.

You can select the language. 

A school with practical training every day

Practice every day.
It is a very rare style among Japanese vocational schools.

We will hold daily classes.
It is a very rare building among Japanese schools.

High employment rate Employment rate 100%(Applicant)

It is possible to find employment not only in Japanese cuisine, but also in Western cuisine, Chinese cuisine, confectionery, bakery, hotels, and inns.
Our school has been recognized as a "proper school" by the Immigration Services Agency.

Not only Japanese food, but also food, Chinese food, food, food, hotels, and restaurants are available.
In practice, it is a school that has been stopped as a "Kiseikou" rather than a Shutsu-Nyukokuzairyukanricho.

Main place of employment

Main subjects

  • Sushi Takaya (Ginza)

    Overseas spread of Japanese food culture
    Human resource development system

    From Taiwan
    Mr. Youwei Wu
    Graduated in March 2022
    Graduated from YMCA Tokyo Japanese Language School

  • Suzuta Style (Azabu Juban)

    Overseas spread of Japanese food culture
    Human resource development system

    Born in China
    Haramija from Waraku
    Graduated in March 2022
    Graduated from Toa International Language School

  • Sushi Haramasa (Osaka)

    Overseas spread of Japanese food culture
    Human resource development system

    From Taiwan
    Mr. Sha Soo Kun

  • Ritz Carlton Tokyo

    Overseas spread of Japanese food culture
    Human resource development system

    Born in China
    Mr. Son Jiaqi
    Graduated in November 2022
    Graduated from Ohara Japanese Language School

  • Restaurant Chansonnier (Osaka)

    Born in China
    Mr. Kyou Shou
    Graduated in November 2021

  • Isei Co., Ltd.

    Overseas spread of Japanese food culture
    Human resource development system

    XNUM X year X NUM X schedule
    Graduated from Sendagaya Japanese Language School

  • Sushi Shinobu (Ebisu)

    Overseas spread of Japanese food culture
    Human resource development system

    Born in China
    Mr. Ryumoki
    XNUM X year X NUM X schedule
    Graduated from Toa International Language School

  • Choshi Grand Hotel

    Specified skills

    Born in China
    Mr. Yu Tian
    XNUM X year X NUM X schedule
    Graduated from Tamagawa International Academy

Support for status of residence after graduation (up to 5 years)
[Specific activity visa]
Japanese food culture overseas spread Human resource development
[Specified skill visa]
Specific skills in the restaurant industry (No. 1)

Sotsugyogo no Zairyūshakusa Port (5 years old)
[Tokutetsu Dobiza]
Japanese culture
[Special Ubiza]
Specialty (1) at the Gaishoku Gyobunya

In order to be able to work in Japan as a chef or pastry chef even after graduation, we provide generous support for visa application and procedures, and many graduates are active in Japan even after graduating from our school.

In order to be able to work in Japan as a foreigner and a patissier, we are very supportive of foreign exchange/VISA procedures, and we are also very knowledgeable in Japan. There are a lot of people who are going to do it.

  Japanese Food Culture Overseas Promotion Human Resource Development Project Specific skills in the restaurant industry (No. 1)
Our Projects Work that requires skill in cooking, etc. (including confectionery and bread making) Food service in general (food preparation, customer service, store management)
the purpose Promoting the spread of Japanese food culture overseas
(Training of foreign chefs who will be responsible for disseminating Japanese food and food culture in their home countries after returning to their home countries)
In order to deal with the worsening labor shortage,
Accepting foreigners who have a certain level of expertise and skills and are ready to work
Status of residence Specific activities Specified skills
Eligible persons ① Chef
② Confectionery hygienist
③ Those who meet the requirements such as subjects at universities, etc. that offer courses in the field of confectionery
Passed the following tests
① Proficiency test
② Japanese language test
(Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or above, or the Japan Foundation Basic Japanese Test)
Period of stay Up to 5 years
*Maximum 3 years if you do not have a confectionery hygienist license
Up to 5 years
* Renewal period: 1 year, June or April

International student exchange meeting, international student program,
Japanese class

International students gather regularly,
You can discuss anything from daily classes to life consultation
We are creating an opportunity.

It is a place where students can talk about anything from the beginning to the end.

Department of recruitmentboshu gaka

Subjectdisappointed Izumi school
Main schoolIzumi Kou
ecole UMEDAEcole
cooking department
(1 year)churoshika
120 people120 nieces 120 people120 nieces
  • Japanese food majorWashoku Senkou
  • France/Italy
    Culinary MajorFrance Italia
    power supply
  • cafe majorcafe
General course
(2 year)Chori
Sogo Honka
(Second grader)
60 people60 nieces 40 people40 nieces
  • Japanese food majorWashoku Senkou
  • France·
    Italian cuisine majorFrance
    Itari Ariori
  • cafe majorcafe
Department of Hygiene
(1 year)Cue
Eisei only
160 people160 nieces 80 people80 nieces
  • Patissier MajorPatisserie
  • Boulanger Majorburgundy sense
  • bridal
    Patissier Major
    (Izumi school main school limited installation)Buridaru
    (Izumi Kouhonko Genteisetchi)
General course
(2 year)Cue
Sogo Honka
(Second grader)
80 people80 nieces 80 people80 nieces
  • Patissier MajorPatisserie
  • Boulanger Majorburgundy sense
  • Bridal pastry chef major (Izumi school main school limited installation)Brideal Patisserie
    (Izumi Kouhonko Genteisetchi)

Double License System (2 years) Confectionery Hygienist Course + Cookery Course
Cafe Double License System (2 years) Confectionery Hygienist Department + Cooking Department (Izumi School Limited Installation)

Our unique curriculum that aims to acquire two national qualifications (cooking license and confectionery hygienist license) while attending school.
*This is a curriculum that all students can participate in without collecting the overseas training fee separately. (However, only part of the access fee is collected)

Izumikou Honko Gentei Setchi)
There are two types of courses in the city, one of which is the official lottery.
*This is a short-term course that can be used without any additional training. (However, it's the only one who has an accident.)

Admission qualificationAbout Newgakushikaku

Those who satisfy any of the following (1) and (2)-1 to 5

  • (1) Those who have completed 12 years or more of school education in their home country
    Or equivalently designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • (2)-1 Those who have acquired N1 (previously Level 1) or N2 (previously Level 2) in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • (2)-2 Those who have passed the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (200 points or more in Japanese subjects)
  • (2)-3 Those who have obtained 400 points or more in the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test
  • (2)-4 Those who have studied at a Japanese language accredited school for 6 months or more (limited to accredited courses)
  • (2)-5 Those who have been educated at a Japanese school for at least one year (excluding kindergartens) as stipulated in Article 1 of the School Education Law
    (Including a separate Japanese language course for more than one year at junior colleges and universities)

Those who satisfy any of oysters and (2)-1 to 5

  • (1) How to complete a 12-year-old school
  • (2)-1 Those who have taken N1 (1st grade) or N2 (2nd grade) at the Japanese Language Institute
  • (2)-2 Those who practice Japanese language education
  • (2)-3 Those who have completed 400 hours at the BJT Business Japanese Language School
  • (2)-4 How to write 6 words in Japanese language course
  • (2)-5 Those who attended the first year of school (excluding kindergarten) at the first school
    (Includes the Japanese language of the 1st year of the class)

International student support scholarship systemRyugaku Seiouen Shogaku Kinseido

Up to 10 yen payment! ! [No refund required]
Limited to Izumi school main school!

We have established our own support system for international students who want to learn cooking and sweets skills in Japan.

For students who want to see Japanese food and sweets, we are striving to help students learn about the Japanese lottery.

TargetI want to

  • Students enrolled in Osaka cooking and confectionery college (main school of Izumi school) (all departments)

Osaka Chori Seika Sen Mongakko (Izumi Kohonkou)


Just a few



Up to 10 yen
*There is no obligation to return the money.

Last XNUMX minutes
*There are no changes.

*We will inform you about the application, selection, and payment methods after admission.

*Please refer to the new school for information on new, new, and kyufu.

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