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Thank you very much for your continued patronage regarding the employment of the students of the Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College.
Every year at our school, we train professionals who can play an active role in the field through training in small groups of Japanese, Western, Chinese, and confectionery bakers.
Whether you are a new graduate or mid-career, if you are planning to hire someone at your company, please send a job posting to our school.
You can choose from two ways to register for job postings: "Online" or "Fax/Mail".

Register job posting online

At our school, we have introduced a professional job hunting platform "Career Map".
This system allows you to enter detailed information about your company, such as the latest company information and the status of alumni who are active in your company.
Click here to register for job vacancies

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Submission by fax
Please fax to 06-6341-5800.
Submission by mail
530-0002-1 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 1-4
Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College ecole UMEDA Employment Guidance Section