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I knew the professional scene thoroughly
Led by instructorsStrengths of Ecole Umeda

Guidance by instructors who know the professional scene

Our instructors are an important part of a vocational school.
We have "practitioner teachers" for each specialized genre.
Professionals and corporate management who made their name in the industry
Up to professionals who can teach
knowledgeable in a wide range of skills
A professional group guides all aspects of the food industry.

cooking instructors

  • Takashi Mori

    Chinese cooking teacher

    Takashi Mori

    After working at ANA Hotel Osaka (currently ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka), he was selected as the sous chef at ANA Gate Tower Hotel.After that, at the young age of 37, he became the manager and head chef of the Nara Royal Hotel.He has a difficult qualification in authentic China, a food medicine medicinal.

  • Yasuo Furuya

    Chinese cooking teacher

    Yasuo Furuya

    Worked as head chef at Hilton Hotels & Resorts, which operates over 500 hotels and resorts around the world. After joining DAICHO, she will convey the charm of Chinese cuisine to students, and use her experience as a chef who knows "human resources required in the field" to focus on human resource development.

  • Yoshinari Asano

    Japanese cooking teacher

    Yoshinari Asano

    Graduated from a vocational school.After working at New Otani Kobe Harborland, he went to Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel as an opening staff.After that, he gained experience in the field as a sous chef at Novotel Koshien and others before joining our school.He carefully communicates the expressions of the four seasons that are essential to Japanese cuisine.

  • Takashi Ebisu

    Western cooking teacher

    Takashi Ebisu

    Served as chief banquet chef at Tennoji Miyako Hotel (currently Sheraton Miyako Hotel) and South Tower Hotel Nankai Osaka (currently Swissotel Nankai Osaka).He also has about 40 years of on-site experience, including serving as executive chef at Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport.Not only his cooking skills, but also his management skills are at the top level.

  • Yasuaki Matsumoto

    Japanese cooking teacher

    Yasuaki Matsumoto

    After graduating from DAICHO, he embarked on the path of Japanese cuisine.He has honed his skills at famous restaurants such as the long-established restaurant ``Sushikei'', which was founded in the first year of the Taisho era, and is the head chef at the long-established ryokan ``Toin Goshobo'', which is said to have been founded in 1191.Currently, he teaches the depth of Japanese cuisine at his alma mater DAICHO.

  • 𦚰Yama Fumiyoshi

    Japanese cooking teacher

    𦚰Yama Fumiyoshi

    After gaining experience at a Japanese restaurant, he worked for many years at the famous Japanese restaurant Daikinro, which has been in business for 160 years since its establishment in Edo, and reached the position of head chef.He has extremely excellent skills, and his skills have been recognized as the top person in Osaka Prefecture, and he has been selected as a "Naniwa Master Craftsman".He teaches students with certain techniques.

  • Tomonori Tsuji

    Western cooking teacher

    Tomonori Tsuji

    After working in sales at a company, entered DAICHO at the age of 25 and started cooking.After graduating, he worked at Harmonie Embrassee Osaka.After that, he joined his alma mater as a cooking assistant.Currently, as a teacher, in order to convey cooking knowledge and techniques in an easy-to-understand manner, I provide guidance from the student's point of view.

* We will introduce some excerpts.

Confectionery instructors

  • Kaoru Yoshimoto

    confectionery teacher

    Kaoru Yoshimoto

    Handled a variety of cakes for bridal and dinner shows at the famous hotel Hilton Osaka, which is expanding around the world.After that, he opened a high-end pastry shop after experiencing a patisserie.It is also gaining attention and gaining popularity in the media.Currently, he is teaching at the Osaka cooking and confectionery vocational school to develop confectionery personnel who will be responsible for the future by making use of his diverse experience.

  • Mitsuo Nishiyama

    confectionery teacher

    Mitsuo Nishiyama

    Served as manager of confectionery at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.In addition, he has been involved in many new projects such as the launch of new stores for Regency Kyoto and Balnibarbi Co., Ltd., and is a driving force in the industry.He makes use of his advanced skills in making western confectionery and handicraft confectionery in his teaching.

  • Atsushi Ohtani

    confectionery teacher

    Atsushi Ohtani

    Worked at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe and devised innovative sweets such as wedding cakes with a fresh feeling.In her classes, she tells her that "not only skills but also the spirit of hospitality to customers and a sense of responsibility towards work are important."Fun and practical instruction is popular with students.

  • Makoto Sasaki

    bakery teacher

    Makoto Sasaki

    Over 30 years of professional experience.He is active as a boulangerie at the popular boulangerie "DONQ".He is also good at bread making technology and human resource development, such as eight people trained by his teacher to open their own business.

  • Chihiro Katsuki

    bakery teacher

    Chihiro Katsuki

    Selected as a section leader at a famous store and has been active in the field for over 10 years.The bread, which shines with a sense unique to women, has a good reputation for its "gentle texture."

  • Toshiyuki Tanaka

    Wagashi teacher

    Toshiyuki Tanaka

    The second-generation owner of Ibaraki Shunkaan Tsutaya, a Japanese sweets shop that has been loved in Osaka for 30 years.He teaches the knowledge and techniques of Japanese confectionery unique to an active store owner.

  • Deguchi Katsumasa

    Wagashi teacher

    Deguchi Katsumasa

    He has made a name for himself in the industry by appearing on popular TV programs, winning awards at the National Confectionery Exposition, and being certified as an excellent Japanese confectioner by the All Japan Confectionery Association.

  • Yoshiya Tanaka

    bakery teacher

    Yoshiya Tanaka

    Taking advantage of about 30 years of experience in product development and operation management, our school teaches students in an easy-to-understand manner the charm of delicate bread making, where the way the dough is handled changes depending on the temperature and humidity of the day.

  • Masashi Ohkura

    confectionery teacher

    Masashi Ohkura

    Active in multiple patisseries, including Monsieur Makino, which has multiple stores in Osaka.Currently, he is active as the owner of Patisserie FUTATSUKI.He teaches students in a variety of techniques.

  • Chikako Sakaguchi

    confectionery teacher

    Chikako Sakaguchi

    After graduating from a vocational school, worked as a bridal pastry chef at the bridal company “Arcane Ciel Verite Osaka” and “Anniversaire Co., Ltd.”, which handles bridal comprehensively.She also has a history of winning a bronze medal at the Japan Cake Show, Japan's largest confectionery contest.

* We will introduce some excerpts.

Special Visiting Lecturer

Inside the DAICHO campus,
From popular and famous restaurants to first-class hotel chefs and pastry chefs
You can meet and learn technology.
From a full-time teacher, while supporting your own growth
After thoroughly learning from the basics to application
Only top professionals who are active in the industry can understand
You can learn the latest trends in the industry and how to create hit products.

  • Hiroshi Yamaguchi

    Kobe Kitano Hotel
    General Manager/Executive Chef

    Hiroshi Yamaguchi

    At La Côte d'Or (currently Relais Bernard Loiseau), he studied under Bernard Loiseau, a leading figure in the French culinary world.Returned to Japan to open La Côte d'Or Kobe and became a chef.After that, he served as the general manager and executive chef of Kobe Kitano Hotel.

  • Geghard Muller

    German well-established bakery
    President of Rishart

    Geghard Muller

    Based in Munich, Germany, he is the 130th generation president of the traditional bakery "Rishart" with a history of over 4 years.He generously teaches students the recipes and techniques of authentic Rischart bread, which is made with carefully selected ingredients and is all hand-made.

  • Tai Karato

    French restaurant

    Tai Karato

    After training at the famous French restaurant Jean Moulin and La Côte d'Or, he became head chef at Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers at the age of 33.Later he opened Lumiere.He is the owner-chef of a popular restaurant that has been awarded a star in the Michelin Guide for seven consecutive years.

  • Tetsuya Senoo

    sector chef

    Tetsuya Senoo

    Serves as a sector chef at Club Harie.He won numerous awards at the Japan Cake Show Tokyo, Japan's largest confectionery contest.At the WPTC (World Pastry Team Championship), an international confectionery competition held in the United States, he was active as the captain of the Japanese team.He wins consecutive victories.

  • Laurent Jean Marie

    paris international cuisine sweets
    competition finalist
    Received French Agricultural Merit Award, etc.

    Laurent Jean Marie

  • Shigeo Shibano


    Shigeo Shibano

  • Isao Kuroiwa

    Le Clos de Mariage

    Isao Kuroiwa

  • Minoru Takai

    Restaurant Valier
    Owner chef

    Minoru Takai

  • Tadashi Mejima

    Royal Hotel Tosa

    Tadashi Mejima

  • Kazunori Inui

    Hotel & Resorts

    Kazunori Inui

  • Akimitsu Maekawa

    Nadaman Sakai Kitchen

    Akimitsu Maekawa

  • Akihiko Fujii


    Akihiko Fujii

  • Ryo Hashimoto

    There is a horse grand hotel

    Ryo Hashimoto

  • Yukio Konishi

    El Poniente
    Representative Director

    Yukio Konishi

  • Kazuo Uchida

    ANA Crowne Plaza
    Hotel Kyoto
    Chinese Cuisine Karin Head Chef/
    Master Craftsman of Naniwa

    Kazuo Uchida

  • barley

    Hotel Nikko
    Princess Kyoto
    dim sum chef


  • Yasuo Kaneshiro

    Kishiwada Grand Hall
    Cooking Department Executive Officer

    Yasuo Kaneshiro

  • Koichi Izumi

    Owner of ASTERISQUE
    WPTC Japan representative

    Koichi Izumi

  • Seiichiro Nishizono

    Seiichiro Nishizono

    Seiichiro Nishizono

  • Shuhei Hayashi

    Patisserie Montplus
    chef pastry chef

    Shuhei Hayashi

  • Jean-Marc Scrivant

    Rhone-Alpes region
    best chocolatier

    Jean-Marc Scrivant

  • Eiji Asada

    Confectionery Asada Owner
    First-class Japanese confectionery technician

    Eiji Asada

  • Koichi Saito

    Pastry chef Ichi

    Koichi Saito

  • Yuta Tsujimoto

    Petit Prince

    Yuta Tsujimoto

  • Yuji Fukakusa

    owner chef patissier

    Yuji Fukakusa

  • Shigeto Tsujii

    Regency Osaka
    bakery sous chef

    Shigeto Tsujii

  • Kiyoshi Matsuo

    see you soon

    Kiyoshi Matsuo

  • Takatoshi Sakata

    Bakery Fournier

    Takatoshi Sakata

  • Akihiko Fujii

    UCC Coffee Academy
    coffee advisor /
    coffee brewer

    Akihiko Fujii

  • Hideki Kimura

    One Room Cafe

    Hideki Kimura

  • Akiko Katayama

    Japan Tea Association
    Certified senior tee

    Akiko Katayama