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cafe owner classConfectionery general course (2 years of confectionery)CAFE OWNER CLASS

For creating the ideal store
Learn skills specific to cafes.

Learn everything related to cafes, including desserts, food, drinks, customer service, and interior design, and hone your ability to produce a store.

Matching the store concept
Improve your sense of arrangement.

Cooking for lunch, latte art, etc.
drink menuAlso learn skills.

Menu development, cafe production,
customer service etc.
The skills needed to run a cafeacquire comprehensive knowledge.

Recommended customization Boulanger class/SNS seminar/Management seminar

Confectionery training1652Time

[Available qualifications]

[At the time of graduation]
[National qualification] Confectionery hygienist examination qualification[National qualification] Confectionery manufacturing technician level 2 examination qualification[National Qualification] Bread Manufacturing Technician Level 2 Examination Qualification

[Aim for]
Dietary education instructor/vegetable sommelier/athlete food meister/specialist