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Customized curriculumORDER-MADE CURRICULUM

A free curriculum where you can learn everything.

"I want to be a pastry chef"

Even if we seem to have the same dream,
Actually, each person has a different dream.
In a nutshell, I am a pastry chef.
Bridal Cafe Chocolatier Piesmonte
Boulanger... and various other things.
Furthermore, who do you want to make, where, and what kind of sweets do you want to make?
Each person's dreams expand infinitely,
No two are the same, right?

Therefore, at DAICHO,
We have prepared 10 types of classes and seminars.

"To become the pastry chef you want to be"

Customized curriculum is
"What kind of work style do you want to do?" in your mind.
Create according to your dreams of "What do you want to learn?"
Your own curriculum.
DAICHO's only custom-made curriculum,
Toward your own dreams, at your own pace,
Try customizing your day to the point where you can be immersed in it every day.

FeaturesChoose as many things as you like
Learn only the classes you are interested in


In the first year, we learned all genres of Western sweets, Japanese sweets, and bread evenly,
Learn the basic knowledge and skills to pass the confectionery hygienist exam.
You can choose your favorite genre that suits you without rushing.

  • Western confectionery

  • Japanese sweets

  • Bread

  • Foodstuff

  • Nutrition

  • confectionery theory

Learn all the skills and knowledge needed to be a pastry chef

What do you like

aptitude test


In the second year, you can choose ``what you like and as much as you like'' with a custom-made curriculum!
We will conduct specialized study and practical training to become your own pastry chef.

Free combination

From 10 types of classes and seminars
You can choose as many things as you want to learn

*There is also a common curriculum for all students, such as confectionery training and design.

Combination example