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DAICHO original supportTuition/Scholarships

DAICHO original tuition support

We are preparing tuition support so that you can study with more peace of mind.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Special payment plan using scholarship(Payment before admission is half price)

Recommended for those who are planning to use the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship.

Item Amount of money delivery time Delivery method
Enrollment fee 220,000yen * 1 At the time of passing Actual cost before enrollment
Required amount 470,000yenonly
110,000yen Around June
Tuition ① 140,000yen Around June
残 り
Around the end of October Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship
can be delivered in
Tuition ③ 3rd and subsequent deliveries are normal
Tuition ④
Tuition ⑤

*For use, it is necessary to make a reservation for a special increased loan of 50 yen at the time of admission and a monthly scholarship of 12 yen.In addition, it is necessary to submit the prescribed documents.

*Because there are conditions for use, please be sure to consult us in advance.

*1 If you apply for the pre-college program and pass the AO entrance examination (Enrollment fee will be reduced from 3 yen to 25 yen due to the 22 yen incentive payment.)

part-time job

Learn while you work!
This is a system unique to our school that allows students to acquire practical skills while working at a famous company while still in school, and to pay for their tuition with a part-time job.
It will definitely help you in getting a job.We have partnered with excellent companies that have a track record of employment, so you can learn practical skills while working part-time.

Example of use for part-time job
First year tuition 1,790,000yen *If you apply for the pre-college program and pass the AO entrance examination
Part-time job
Hourly wage 1,000yen
Weekdays 4 times a week + work on Saturdays About 80,000 yen
in 12 months About 960,000 yen
More than half of the tuition fee can be applied!
Reserve a seat 6 months after admission
start of work For one year from August of the first year (in order to reduce the burden, students will start from the summer vacation when they get used to student life).
Affiliations Hankyu Hanshin Hotels, Hotel Granvia Osaka, Kasho Asada, Sweets Studio Millefeuille, etc.
Target Comprehensive Cooking Course, Comprehensive Confectionery Course, Class belonging to the W License System