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chocolatier classConfectionery general course (2 years of confectionery)CHOCOLATIER CLASS

The deep world of chocolate
Acquire knowledge and skills.

We aim to become professionals in chocolate, which is rapidly growing in Japan.
Learn a wide range of things from knowledge of cacao beans to advanced crafting techniques.
Learn the techniques to make chocolate that captivates people with its highly artistic design skills.

From tempering (temperature control),
Making fillings (stuffing),
Until coating work,
Master all processes.

Learn about the taste and aroma of cacao by region of origin
Producing special chocolate.

Opera Sachertorte
Foret Noir fondant chocolate
な ど
Master the world's chocolate sweets.

Recommended customization Piesmonte class/SNS seminar

Confectionery training1652Time

[Available qualifications]

[At the time of graduation]
[National qualification] Confectionery hygienist examination qualification[National qualification] Confectionery manufacturing technician level 2 examination qualification[National Qualification] Bread Manufacturing Technician Level 2 Examination Qualification

[Aim for]
Dietary education instructor/vegetable sommelier/athlete food meister/specialist