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Piesmonte classConfectionery general course (2 years of confectionery)PIÉCES MONTÉES CLASS

Make sweets that are pleasing to the eye
Learn delicate techniques and sense.

You will learn techniques for making sweets that you can enjoy watching, such as candy making, marzipan making, and sugar making.
I aim to become a pastry chef like a magician who can freely manipulate the world of sweets.

Shukur Tire (pulled candy),
Sucre soufflé (blown candy),
Learned sukur kulea (drifting candy)
Create a piece of work for each person.

sugar craft
Made of sugar from basic roses (flowers, buds, leaves)
wedding cake various things.

Marzipan work
Make parts for flowers, animals, dolls, etc.
look at the overall balance
Decorate the base and complete the masterpiece
Develop your creativity to create your own worldview.

Recommended customization Bridal hotel class/SNS seminar

Confectionery training1652Time

[Available qualifications]

[At the time of graduation]
[National qualification] Confectionery hygienist examination qualification[National qualification] Confectionery manufacturing technician level 2 examination qualification[National Qualification] Bread Manufacturing Technician Level 2 Examination Qualification

[Aim for]
Dietary education instructor/vegetable sommelier/athlete food meister/specialist