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cook class(Cooking 1 year course)COOKING CLASS

Fundamental Basics + Practical Training for Selectable Majors
Become a ready-to-use cook!

Shortest distance to cook.
Learn all genres of cooking evenly
solidify the basics,
In the major training from the second semester
Challenge advanced cooking techniques in the desired genre.
At the time of graduation, as an immediate fighting force
We develop human resources who can play an active role in the field.

Cook class features
[Cooking specialist class (2 years)
same curriculum for the first year of

The annual training amount is 760 hours!
Thoroughly master the basics even in a limited period of time

The amount of training you learn in a year is about twice the training time (1 hours) required to acquire a national qualification!
With the amount of training that is worthy of the top level nationwide, you will acquire the basic basics that will allow you to play an active role as a professional even in a short period of one year.

2 years from basic basics to specialized
From advanced technology to management!

Solidify the foundation in the first year.You will thoroughly learn all genres such as Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, and acquire basic knowledge and skills. In the second year, learning becomes more advanced.
Students can choose the genre they want to pursue in their major training and develop classes to learn more deeply. You can learn a wide range of things from advanced cooking practice to service and management that you can do because it is a two-year system.

3 ways to learn that will definitely improve your skills!

  • One-self training

    We frequently practice a style in which one person carries out all processes from weighing to cooking and serving.

  • routine training

    Because there is practice to make every day, you can practice the basic basics repeatedly. It's a routine of around 10 minutes, so concentrate and master the technique.

  • Check test

    A full-time instructor checks 1:XNUMX whether you have mastered the basic items that are necessary no matter where you get a job.We will guide you until you pass, so there is nothing left to learn.