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Excitement, surprise, discovery!
DAICHO Open Campus

An open campus where you can experience actual practical classes held at school and interact with current students and teachers.
From learning at DAICHO to cooking, sweets, and even the industry, it is a fulfilling content that you can understand in one day.

For first-time participants

On the day, you will receive direct instruction from the teacher,
Cooking training where you can sample the finished dishes
Tours of the campus equipped with the latest equipment, etc.
It has a lot of content.
Detailed information about the school,
Targeted at each person who visited the school
We also offer individual consultations, so
If you are thinking about enrolling, please join us.

Flow of a day at Open Campus× Close+ open
Step 01Receptionist

Once you receive your cook coat and text at the reception, the fun open campus will begin.

Step 02School description

An admissions advisor will provide detailed explanations about classes, facilities, and employment.

Step 03Practical experience

Under the guidance of a teacher, experience first-class techniques using professional equipment and equipment.

Step 04Tasting

You will be surprised and impressed by the authentic taste, which makes it hard to believe that you made it yourself! !

Step 05Equipment tour

Check out the atmosphere of the school and the behavior of the seniors, which cannot be seen in the pamphlet.

Step 06Individual consultation

Please feel free to consult us about anything so that you do not have any questions or concerns before enrolling.

The above is the basic daily flow of the open campus.
Events vary depending on the event, so please check the details page below for details.

2024October ≫ next month

1 Online
2 Online
3 Weekday
A tour
4 Weekday
A tour
5 Weekday
A tour
6 Weekday
A tour
7 Weekday
A tour
8 Online
9 Online
10 Weekday
A tour
11 Weekday
A tour
12 Weekday
A tour
13 Weekday
A tour
14 Weekday
A tour
15 Online
16 Online
17 Weekday
A tour
18 Weekday
A tour
19 Weekday
A tour
20 Weekday
A tour
21 Weekday
A tour
22 Online
23 Online
24 Weekday
A tour
25 Weekday
A tour
26 Weekday
A tour
27 Weekday
A tour
28 Weekday
A tour
29 Online Open Campus
30 Online
Click on the date to see the events for that day
It shows.
  • 6 April(soil)
  • Participation from home OK!online open campus
  • [Weekday/Night tour]
  • Weekdays every day

    10:00~/14:00~ You can observe classes!
    18:00~/19:00~ You can participate after club activities or after work!

    ●School introduction
    ●Campus tour
    ●Lesson Observation

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