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Recruitment requirements, tuition fees,
About application

OUTLINERecruitment course, course period, capacity

Course name Course period Capacity
Osaka cooking confectionery
Vocational school special course
Western confectionery
Correspondence course
6 months 100 people
Correspondence course
6 months 100 people

APPLICATION ACCEPTANCE PERIODApplication acceptance period

April student 1/1-3/31
April student 7/1-9/30

・If the capacity is reached, the application will be closed even during the application period.
・Applications are only accepted online.


①Those who have graduated from junior high school or above *Junior high school students and high school students can also take this course with the consent of their guardians.
②International students *You can also attend from overseas
③ Those who are interested in cooking and sweets

Please check ●The education and training benefit system does not apply.
●You cannot obtain a chef's license or a confectionery hygienist's national exam qualifications.
Please check
●The education and training benefit system does not apply.
●You cannot obtain a chef's license or a confectionery hygienist's national exam qualifications.

TUITIONCourse Fees

Enrollment fee Tuition
10,000 Yen 70,000 Yen

・ Schooling at our school (5 days) / 1 schedule 10,000 yen * (Separate fee) Applicants only
・You can purchase the same knife set as the Osaka cooking and confectionery college/main course. (about 70,000 yen)


If you go on to Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College, Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College ecole UMEDA, Tokyo Yamate Culinary and Confectionery College, or Yamate Cooking and Confectionery College after completing the course, the tuition fee will be exempted.
However, students enrolled up to April of the previous year of the regular course entry year are eligible.

Application/Delivery method

・"Internet application" only.
・Delivery is either "lump-sum payment by credit card", "convenience store cash payment", or "financial institution ATM pay-easy"
* Acceptable cards: VISA, Master, UC, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS


Course name Courses Schedule
Hours Tuition fee
Japanese correspondence course
Western confectionery correspondence course
April student October 5 days
(6 hours/day:
30 hours in total)
10,000 Yen
April student October

In schooling, students receive lectures and practical training from instructors on designated dates.
・Schooling will be evaluated collectively for the entire number of days attended. (Refer to the schooling evaluation points page for the evaluation points.)
・If you are absent for the whole day, your score will be 0.
・If you are late for more than 30 minutes after class starts, you will not be allowed to enter the classroom, and you will be absent for one day.
*Please note that the course fee cannot be refunded in case of non-attendance.
・ Schooling venue: Osaka cooking and confectionery college (Izumi school main school) 3-1-15 Higashi-Toyonakacho, Izumiotsu City, Osaka Prefecture
・Transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, etc. will be borne by the individual.
・Cook's coat, cook's hat, and cooking/confectionery utensils will be provided by the school.
*Subject to change.
* Details will be notified after enrollment.

About withdrawing from school

If you decide to withdraw from the school after receiving the notice of admission from our school, we will refund the tuition fee, excluding the admission fee, only if you complete the procedures by the deadline below.
However, please note that any requests made after the final submission deadline will not be accepted or returned.

Final submission deadline: (April students) March 4
(October students) September 10


Report study, written test

●After entering the school, students will study at home based on videos and recipes distributed by the school.
●Assignment reports submitted by 0:00 on the last day of the course will be corrected by the instructor in charge.
●Written exams submitted by 0:00 on the last day of the course will be graded.
●If you are unable to submit your report and written examination by 0:00 on the last day of the course, you can use the ``Extension of deadlines for submission of reports and written examinations (30 days extension)'' (separate fee required).
●If the total score in the report, written test, and schooling is less than 60 points, you will not be able to receive a certificate of completion.If you do not receive certification for completion during the course period, it will be treated as non-certification and you will need to retake the course in the next academic year to receive certification for completion (separate fee required).
●Reports, written tests, and schooling grades are evaluated on a 4-point scale: "excellent," "good," "acceptable," and "not acceptable."
* If the answer is "Not possible", you can resubmit by paying the re-evaluation fee and receive a re-evaluation. (However, schooling is not applicable)

●Evaluation distribution as a standard for grade evaluation

Report 1 10
Report 2 10
Report 3 10
Report 4 10
Report 5 10
Report 6 10
Written test 1 10
Written test 2 10
schooling 20
Total 100

●Report, written test

teaching material レポート Written test
Part1 1st report -
Part2 2st report -
Part3 3st report 1st written test
Part4 4st report -
Part5 5st report -
Part6 6st report 2st written test

● Report score

Judgment Good good Possible Improper
Grading score 10 9 8 0

● Schooling score

Judgment Good good Possible Improper
Grading score 20 18 16 0

● Written test score

10 9 8 0