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Special Course Western Confectionery Correspondence Course

Authentic French traditional sweets, etc.
Selected sweets.


Study anytime, anywhere with your smartphone,
Lessons in your own kitchen.


Master the representative sweets in each time.You can learn confectionery techniques as well as theory at your own pace.


Five days full of sweets.
Schooled at Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College.
Tuition fee 1 day; 10,000 yen


Five days of stimulating schooling in a professional space and equipment.Direct guidance by a top chef is a series of discoveries!


I am from Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College
We recommend taking a correspondence course in Bekka.

GUEST Chef, Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College
Seiichiro NishizonoOwner and Chef [Seiichiro,NISHIZONO]

(Active not only in Japan, but also on the world stage)

I recommend the correspondence course of the Osaka Culinary and Confectionery College.You can learn the basics of confectionery making from the comfort of your home at your own pace from the teachers of the Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College.I am looking forward to the day when I can meet everyone as a special lecturer of the school and tell you the on-site technology on top of the technology I learned.I know you are busy every day, but please do your best.


A total of 6 programs
About 30 items
sweets can be learned.

Part1 Charlotte au Poire

Vol.1 Charlotte au Poire

Lecture on the foaminess of egg white and the role of ingredients.Master whisking the egg yolk and white separately.

Basic menu

Biscuits a la cuyère
● Relais au Fruits
● Omelet

Applied menu

● Charlotte au Poire

Part2 Relais au Thever

2nd Relais au Thever

Lecture on the principle of foaming and swelling of egg white.Master whisking the egg yolk and egg white together without separating them.

Basic menu

●Gateau phrase
●Gateau Mocha
●Schwarzwelder Kirschtorte

Applied menu

●Truffel torte
●Relais au Thever

Part3 paris brest

3rd Paris Brest

Lecture on professional-made choux and custard.

Basic menu

●Shoo a la creme
● Cookie shoe

Applied menu

● Paris Brest

Part4 classic chocolate

Vol.4 Classic Chocolat

A lecture on the history of French sweets, which has a long tradition, and the characteristics of butter and how to handle it.

Basic menu

● Financier
●Fruit cake

Applied menu

●Classic chocolate
● Lintorte

Part5 pear clafoutis

Vol.5 Pear Clafoutis

Kneaded dough is indispensable for cookies and tarts.Learn theories such as the relationship between temperature and dough.

Basic menu

● Tarte au poir
●Tart au fruit

Applied menu

●Pear clafoutis
●Citrus card tart

Part6 Frezier

No. 6 Fresier

You will learn the types and characteristics of fresh cream, how to handle it, and typical mousse sweets.

Basic menu

● Rare cheesecake
●Mousse au chocolat
●Mousse au framboise

Applied menu

● Frezier
●Marron mousse