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Learning the "future" of "delicious"

Learning the "future" of "delicious"
Became a professional while still in school
DAICHO student

"Japanese-Western-Eclectic" is the appropriate mixing of Japanese and Western customs and styles.
The world is now in an era of recognizing “diversity”
Once a month, the students themselves provide a course meal that satisfies customers in Kitashinchi, Osaka.
Cakes sold at Daimaru Umeda, a first-class department store directly connected to West Japan's largest station, JR Osaka Station
The ability to hit No. 1 in sales every year in the food battleground of Osaka Station, where famous first-class patisseries, chocolate shops, and boulangerie are crowded
A finalist in the 2030 Future Recipe Contest Not only product development, but also future recipe devising is practically incorporated in classes
Umeda, Osaka, where world-famous hotels stand within walking distance of the campus
Develop original classes where you can experience course meals and afternoon tea at hotels where graduates are active