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Osaka Cooking and Confectionery College "Special Course Correspondence Course" web briefing session held

There are two courses, "Western confectionery course" and "Japanese cuisine course".
In addition, there are two course start months a year, "April students: April to September" and "October students: October to March", and we are currently recruiting October students. .

We will answer your request and hold an online briefing!

◆ Date and time
Saturday, September 2021, 9 18:11-00:11
Tuesday, September 2021, 9 21:18-30:19
Wednesday, September 2021, 9 22:18-30:19

◆About briefing session
・Online class content
・Contents of schooling
・How to apply

In addition, we will send you the zoom address to those who have applied.Please feel free to join us!


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