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2nd High School Recipe Contest

Umasa development!High School Umiuma Recipe Contest


Processed seafood products from Sanriku and Joban

The mission given to high school students is
“Developing the deliciousness of seafood from Sanriku and Joban”! !

Sanriku and Tokiwa were created by tradition and skillful techniques.
A treasure trove of processed seafood products.
In order to disseminate such processed seafood products to all over Japan and the world,
Full of hope for the future
With the ideas and sensibilities of high school students who are creating the future.
Develop amazing recipes!

Final examination TheTokyoConducted in.
Transportation expenses to the venue (up to 5 yen) and accommodation expenses will be provided..
(Up to the top 60 students/supervising teachers,
Transportation and accommodation expenses will be provided for up to two students per high school. )

★In the final selectionInvitation to Tokyo!
Recognized by the coveted top chefcan receive!
★Winning works will be made available to the general publicactually soldTo do!

High School Umiuma Recipe Contest
theme ingredients

  • Boiled scallopsBoiled scallops

    Boiled scallops
    Yamagami Co., Ltd./Aomori Prefecture

    Seasonal scallops are quickly boiled and frozen to lock in their freshness and deliciousness.
    [Preservation method] Freezing required
    [Presence or absence of heating before freezing]
    It's heated.
    [Necessity of cooking with heat]
    You can eat it as is after defrosting.

  • Squid somenSquid somen

    Squid somen
    Kyowa Suisan Co., Ltd./Iwate Prefecture

    We used squid landed in Sanriku and made it into somen shape.
    [Preservation method] Freezing required
    [Necessity of cooking with heat]
    You can eat it as is after defrosting.

  • Bamboo fish pasteBamboo fish paste

    Bamboo fish paste
    Kanezaki Co., Ltd./Miyagi Prefecture

    Sasa kamaboko has a delicious fishy taste and a refreshing aftertaste.
    [How to save] Requires refrigeration
    [Necessity of cooking with heat]
    You can eat it as is.

  • Sea lettuce from MatsukawauraSea lettuce from Matsukawaura

    Sea lettuce from Matsukawaura
    Sanei Nori Co., Ltd./Fukushima Prefecture

    Rare sea lettuce grown in Matsukawaura is dried to create a rich aroma.
    [Storage method] Room temperature
    Although it can be eaten as is, it is usually cooked. (Example: miso soup)

  • Canned cold sardines boiled in waterCanned cold sardines boiled in water

    Canned cold sardines boiled in water
    Takagi Shoten Co., Ltd./Ibaraki Prefecture

    This canned product uses only cold sardines landed at Hasaki Port/Choshi Port in the fall and winter when they are fatty, and is seasoned only with salt.
    [Storage method] Room temperature
    [Necessity of cooking with heat]
    You can eat it as is.

The judges are top chefs

  • Ken Yoshino

    Western cuisine
    Maison Tateru Yoshino
    Ken Yoshino

  • Yuji Wakiya

    Chinese food
    Chinese restaurant Wakiya Group
    Owner chef
    Yuji Wakiya

Contest overview

All 1st and 2nd graders enrolled in high schools, technical colleges, and technical colleges who are interested in food

*Both individuals and teams (up to 2 people) can participate.

Recipe conditions
① Use Sanriku/Tokiwa theme ingredients (select one type of Sanriku/Tokiwa processed seafood products listed below)
②The recipe must be one that can be reproduced at home.
③Recipe for 2 people.
④ The cost of ingredients for the recipe is within 2 yen for two servings.
*Amount excluding specified ingredients
⑤ No main dish or side dish.
⑥ A portion for one person is the amount that can be served on one plate, such as one plate or one bowl.
Product Prefecture Processor
Boiled scallops Aomori Yamagami Co., Ltd.
Squid somen Iwate Kyowa Suisan Co., Ltd.
Bamboo fish paste Miyagi Kanezaki Co., Ltd.
Sea lettuce from Matsukawaura Fukushima Sanei Nori Co., Ltd.
Canned cold sardines boiled in water Ibaraki
Takagi Shoten Co., Ltd.

For those who remain in the final selection, we will arrange ingredients for the trial.
If you apply using the special form by Thursday, November 2023, 11, we will mail it to you.
However, the following conditions will apply.
Food arrangement application is per high school unit (students cannot apply)
A special form will be sent to those who pass the final selection.

Application genre

*You can enter multiple categories.

2023 May 9 (Friday)
First round entry begins
January 2023, 10
First screening deadline
Wednesday, May 2023, 11
Announcement of first screening results
(Up to about 60 people)
The results will be sent to your registered email address.
2024 / 1 / 7 (sun)
Japanese cuisine/Western cuisine/
Chinese Cuisine Category Final Judgment
After February 2024
Announcement of results etc.
How to Apply
WEB entry (deadline: October 2023, 10 (Tuesday)) ≫ Click here for WEB entry
Examination summary
First screening Final examination
Examination method Judging by submitted recipe
(WEB entry)
Cooking will be done at our school and will be judged based on the cooking process, finished product, and presentation.
Examination criteria The recipe must be full of originality and take advantage of the characteristics of processed seafood from Sanriku and Joban. (XNUMX) Cooking techniques (XNUMX) Hygiene (XNUMX) Taste and appearance 
④Presentation skills
Examination criteria ・Reconstruction Fisheries Processing Industry Sales Channel Recovery Promotion Center
・Murakawa Gakuen faculty
・Top chef who supervises the curriculum of Murakawa Gakuen
・Reconstruction Fisheries Processing Industry Sales Channel Recovery Promotion Center
・Murakawa Gakuen faculty
About the final screening
①Cooking conditions
[Production time]
90 minutes
[Ingredients used]
In principle, all ingredients will be prepared at the venue. (There is no need to pay your own expenses)

*If you use special materials, please consult us in advance.

Please bring an apron and sling (or chef's coat and hat).
[Examination method]
On the day of the final judging, the recipe was cooked at Tokyo Yamate Culinary School.
It will be completed by serving 2 people on a plate.
Each team will give a presentation of about 1 minutes.
②Transportation and accommodation expenses
Transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue will be provided to the top 60 students who have made it to the final round of the contest, as well as the leading teachers (up to 2 students per school).
● Those living in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba prefectures

・Round-trip transportation expenses (up to 5 yen) will be paid.

[Accommodation fee]
● Those who live outside of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba prefectures

・We will provide round-trip transportation expenses (up to 5 yen) + hotel accommodation.

Privacy Policy
Personal information will be used to provide notifications necessary to administer the recipe contest.
・We cannot return submitted documents, recipes, etc.
・Recipes (including images) will be introduced on our school and "UMIUMA" websites, SNS, pamphlets, flyers, etc.
(Your name, high school name, and grade may be included)
Murakawa Academy
Tokyo Yamate Culinary College
Reconstruction Fisheries Processing Industry Sales Channel Recovery Promotion Center
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