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production shop trainingStrengths of Daicho

production shop training

A popular sweets shop run by students!
Patisserie production line, etc.
Learn shop know-how.

production shop training

On-campus!Operates a popular shop

At DAICHO, we conduct shop training in which students play a central role in running the shop.The purpose is to cultivate a sense of the field by doing everything from cooking to service on the student's initiative.At the same time, you can acquire the know-how of store management by learning menu devising, shop interior design, and cost accounting.

  • Demonstration shop training
    Shop de L'atelier

    Attached to Izumi school main school.A training room with a show window and customer service counter in the cooking space.A popular shop where customers form long lines every time.

  • Demonstration shop training
    Shop de Tienda

    Located on the first basement floor of ecole UMEDA.In addition to having a show window and a customer service counter, the entire cooking space is covered with glass.A full-fledged training room with a fun and tense atmosphere.

You can imagine working as a professional pastry chef

Since shop training is aimed at general customers, the process of working, such as communication between students and skillfulness, is also important.There is a sense of tension that cannot be obtained in regular classes, and it is an opportunity to develop the high level of professionalism necessary to be active on the front lines of the field.

You can imagine working as a professional pastry chef
You can imagine working as a professional pastry chef

On-campus!Operates a popular shop

In regular classes, the main focus is on practical training, such as making one to three types in groups, one for each person.However, in the professional field, many types of sweets and bread are manufactured and sold in large quantities.After graduation, DAICHO manufactures and sells a large amount of over 1 kinds of menus just like the real thing, so that you can go out to the professional site and respond flexibly.

  • Demonstration shop training
  • Demonstration shop training
SHOP MENU Menu introduction (example)
  • entremet


  • Charlotte au Framboise

    Charlotte au Framboise

  • Tarte au Fig

    Tarte au Fig

  • Tiramisu


  • Pain de Seigre

    Pain de Seigre

  • Pan de mi

    Pan de mi

  • Macaron


  • citrus tart

    citrus tart

Know all the processes of a professional site

In café training, students take the lead in all aspects of the job, such as menu planning, cost accounting, time management, communication, and service.By learning all the processes of a professional site while still in school, you will grow into a person who is more sought after in the field.
  • menu idea

    menu idea

  • Costing


  • Time management

    Time management

  •  communication


  • Services


  • display


We are particular about the ingredients and offer the best dish

We are particular about the ingredients and offer the best dish

Ingredients used in the menu are procured from affiliated farms, as well as pesticide-free herbs and vegetables.We serve them to our customers after finishing them into beautiful and delicious cakes and breads.

Experiencing the joy of “making people smile” by making many people happy with our own creations further heightens our desire to pursue our dream of “becoming a pastry chef!” It will be a big sustenance to support.

A day of 1DAY SCHEDULE SHOP operation

  • 1Determine section

    Shop training is conducted on a class-by-class basis.We sell about 30 kinds of sweets, including fresh sweets, baked sweets, and bread, so we will decide who is in charge of each section, just like a real shop.

  • 2Preparation of sweets

    Fresh sweets and baked sweets are prepared the day before so that they can be served to customers smoothly.Baked confectionery is packed in a cute bag so that you can pick it up by hand.

  • 3store standby

    In the morning of the day, we review the store display, cleaning, and service simulation to prepare for hospitality.

  • 4Coordination

    Beautifully decorated jewel-like sweets are lined up in showcases one after another.Only a few days left until the opening!We welcome customers with the products well prepared.

    to our sweets shop

    The shop has a long line even before it opens!All classmates will work together to meet the expectations of our customers.

  • 6mass production

    The production line established along with sales will start operation. We proceed with manufacturing with goals such as "do not empty product shelves", "do not generate loss", and "manufacture after checking the best-selling menu".

  • 7Hospitality service and customer service

    Students also provide warm service that makes customers smile.We will explain the menu thoroughly, and for products that do not sell well, we will add a POP that conveys the appeal of the product.

  • 8Colse & retrospect

    In order to gain a sense of accomplishment from making many customers smile and to improve further, we will review and connect to the next actual shop training.

Shop information

Salon de Apprendre. (Izumi school main school)

Shop de L'atelier (Izumi school main school)

It features a large product shelf that exceeds XNUMXm.Reproduce the scene and hone your skills as a pastry chef and boulanger.Since the studio is surrounded by glass, the attention of people coming and going outside adds to the tension.

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Cafe de Tienda.

Shop de Tienda.

A next-generation shop that integrates the kitchen and display space.A large monitor shows the cooking scene of the students. You will feel the presence of the “customer” and develop a sense of professionalism.

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4 real training

Practical training that can be done because it is an overwhelming amount of training to hone skills with "training to make every day".

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