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real banquet trainingStrengths of Daicho

real banquet training

necessary for the hotel industry
Assuming "banquet section (mass cooking)"!
Exceeding the scale of a cooking school,
Acquire skills that are always useful once a week

production shop training

Assuming mass cooking in hotels and restaurants

Hotel and restaurant kitchens prepare food for hundreds of people at once for weddings and parties.This department is called the banquet department in hotels and bridal facilities.

At DAICHO, we are implementing a program called "Real Banquet Training" to help students acquire the ability to handle large-scale cooking, which is widely required in the cooking industry.

Assuming mass cooking in hotels and restaurants

Learn to cook in large quantities at high frequency

Learn to cook in large quantities at high frequency

A major feature of this practical training is that large amounts of food are cooked at a high frequency of once a week.Lunch to make is about 500 people. DAICHO, which is particular about ``cultivating human resources who can play an active role in the professional field,'' has achieved the same scale of mass cooking as the actual site.

Learn all about mass cooking

Mass cooking technology requires "speed", "arrangement" and "teamwork".By conducting cooking training that assumes as many actual cooking sites as possible, you will be able to work while being fully aware of your role in the team, and to acquire a sense of the site, flexibility, and the ability to apply it. is.

Learn all about mass cooking

Learn about food safety and security

In terms of "safety and security of food", you will learn hygiene management and self-hygiene management at the cooking site, as well as "hospitality" and "food education" that are required by the times.

  • Learn about food safety and security
  • Learn about food safety and security

Furthermore, as an applied version, we will devise menus such as "body-friendly and healthy dishes" using "calorie calculation" and grow into "necessary human resources" required by companies.

The joy of having all the students of the school eat the dishes that we have prepared, and the rewarding practical training of having all the students say, "It was delicious!" I'm going to connect to the steps and grow into a first-class chef.


  • 1Cooking a completely different amount from normal training!

    Unlike the usual training where one dish per person is used, the ingredients used are in units of kilograms! There is also a scene where a large number of fish are sold speedily and carefully, as if embodying "1 horse mackerel rather than one sea bream"!Learning to raise the input cooking technique to a level that can be used in professional sites.

  • 2Use your own cooking utensils!

    Use a completely different cooking utensil from the usual practice!Various equipment such as equipment that can cook soup for 100 people at once!In fact, the same equipment is used in the hotel's mass cooking department "Banquet Department", so it is safe to learn how to use it while in school.

  • 3The time limit is 3 hour!
    Cook 400-500 servings!

    In order to serve within the set time, we start by checking the ingredients and making preparations based on the meeting!Since we are working in a group, cooperation and communication are important.

  • 4Thorough hygiene management during mass cooking!

    As a chef who protects people's health, you will also learn the importance of hygiene management and self-hygiene management at the cooking site, such as managing masks, gloves, and sorting kitchen cloths according to the ingredients you handle.

  • 5Stacking

    The dishes for 400 to 500 people are beautifully arranged in the same amount.Both accuracy and speed are required.

  • 6I can hear the delicious voice!

    The food you make will serve as lunch for all the students! You can hear the voice of "delicious" directly.In addition, as you improve your mass cooking skills, you will be able to see the joy you will deliver to your customers and what you can improve for the next time.

  • 7Tidying up/Debriefing meeting

    We clean up after cooking and hold a review meeting with everyone.With the teacher's advice, I will think about things that went smoothly and things that need to be improved for the next time, and I will make use of them next week.

Facility information

Stage de La Cuisine

Stage de La Cuisine

A banquet simulation meeting and mass cooking on the day will be held.Equipped with two large monitors that project the teacher's hands, this classroom is also used for events such as TV shootings and trial admissions.

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Practical training that can be done because it is an overwhelming amount of training to hone skills with "training to make every day".

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